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2nd Mortgage Refinancing with a fixed rate helps consumers locate loan shops to lower home loan payments, reduce and create new opportunities for improving your home with additional financed cash. Refinancing may be difficult for homeowners with poor credit scores or late payments being reported. Loan modification programs and 2nd loan write-downs may help some homeowners keep their home if they are unable to qualify for refinancing. Some lenders are even settling for less with delinquent borrowers who agree to buy-out their 2nd mortgage that have been behind for more than 90 days. Because the defaults have increased to an alarming level, many companies would rather get something than nothing that often happens with foreclosures on 2nd mortgages. If the borrower is current with their 1st loan, there is very little a 2nd lender can do to get retribution from delinquent borrowers. Learn more about house loans with bad credit.

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Check with HARP lenders for No equity is required for borrowers looking to refinance their Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac loan that closed before May 31, 2009. This government endorsed program provides a new opportunity for borrowers who are stuck with underwater loans to refinance, regardless of their "loan to value," or equity position.

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